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Support and Healing Across Europe: Eating Disorder and Body Image Resources for Every Country


At, we understand the significance of finding support and resources when it comes to eating disorders. These complex mental health conditions can affect individuals from all walks of life, and seeking help is a crucial step towards healing and recovery. To assist those seeking support across Europe, we have compiled a comprehensive list of eating disorder resources available in each country. Remember, help is available, and you are not alone in your journey towards well-being.

Eating Disorder Resources by European Country

Below is a list of eating disorder and body image resources for each European country, offering helplines, websites, and organizations that specialize in supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Not all websites are nationally certified, however have become the top resources of help in that country. Take caution in evaluating all the information you encounter with a nationally verified resource or a medical professional.

A List of eating disorder and body image resources for each European country:

1. Albania

- Resource: Eating Disorders Support Albania

- Website:

2. Andorra

- Resource: Associació Conviure amb l'Anorèxia i la Bulímia d'Andorra

- Website: https://conviureambanorèxiaiabulí

3. Austria

- Resource: Verein Anorexie und Bulimie

- Website:

4. Belarus

- Resource: Center for Assistance in Overcoming Anorexia and Bulimia "Anna"

- Website:

5. Belgium

- Resource: ANBN - Anorexia Nervosa Boulimia Nervosa

- Website:

- Helpline: 0486 90 62 52

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Resource: Udruga za psiho-socijalnu pomoć i edukaciju distorzija

- Website:

7. Bulgaria

- Resource: Association for Support of People with Eating Disorders

- Website:

8. Croatia

- Resource: Udruga za podršku osobama s poremećajima hranjenja "Novi put"

- Website:

9. Cyprus

- Resource: Eating Disorders Association of Cyprus (EDAC)

- Website:

10. Czech Republic

- Resource: Centrum pro léčbu poruch příjmu potravy (Center for Eating Disorder Treatment)

- Website:

11. Denmark

- Resource:

- Website:

12. Estonia

- Resource: MTÜ Peaasjad

- Website:

13. Finland

- Resource: Syömishäiriöliitto

- Website:

14. France

- Resource: ANEB - Anorexie Boulimie Écoute

- Website:

- Helpline: 0 810 037 037

15. Georgia

- Resource: Center for Recovery from Eating Disorders

- Website:

16. Germany

- Resource: Anorexia & Bulimia Contact

- Website:

- Helpline: 089 41 41 13 44

17. Greece

- Resource: KEADD - Hellenic Eating Disorders Association

- Website:

- Helpline: 0030 6944 58 66 58

18. Hungary

- Resource: Magyar Anorexia és Bulimia Nervosa Közhasznú Egyesület

- Website:

19. Iceland

- Resource: Flogið

- Website:

20. Ireland

- Resource: Bodywhys - Eating Disorders Association of Ireland

- Website:

21. Italy

- Resource: Anoressia e Bulimia Nervosa ONLUS

- Website:

- Helpline: +39 338 432 5253

22. Kosovo

- Resource: Liridoni

- Website:

23. Latvia

- Resource: Latvijas ēšanas traucējumu speciālistu biedrība

- Website:

24. Liechtenstein

- Resource: No specific resource available. Please refer to neighboring countries' resources.

25. Lithuania

- Resource: Lithuanian Eating Disorders Association

- Website:

26. Luxembourg

- Resource: Zesumme, d'Vereenegung géint d'Anorexie a Bulimie

- Website:

27. Malta

- Resource: Malta Association of Mental Health (MAMH)

- Website:

28. Moldova

- Resource: Centrul de Suport și Informare în domeniul tulburărilor de comportament alimentar

- Website:

29. Montenegro

- Resource: ANAB - Anoreksija Bulimija

- Website:

30. Netherlands

- Resource: Proud2Bme

- Website:

- Helpline: 088 358 22 55

31. North Macedonia

- Resource: Center for Support and Counseling for People with Eating Disorders (NVO Centar za podrška i savetuvanje na lica so poremećenoto na ishranata)

- Website:

32. Norway

- Resource: Spiseforstyrrelsesforeningen

- Website:

33. Poland

- Resource: Fundacja Na Rzecz Osób z Anoreksją i Bulimią

- Website:

34. Portugal

- Resource: APEPI - Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo e Intervenção nas Perturbações Alimentares

- Website:

35. Romania

- Resource: Alianța Română pentru Sănătate Mintală

- Website:

36. San Marino

- Resource: No specific resource available. Please refer to neighboring countries' resources.

37. Serbia

- Resource: Centar za prevenciju poremećaja ishrane i podršku obolelima od anoreksije i bulimije

- Website:

38. Slovakia

- Resource: OZ Sväz proti obezite a porucham výživy

- Website:

39. Slovenia

- Resource: Društvo za boj proti

anoreksiji in bulimiji SOS telefon

- Website:

40. Spain

- Resource: Anar

- Website:

- Helpline: 900 20 20 10

41. Sweden

- Resource: Ätstörningscentrum (Eating Disorders Center)

- Website:

- Helpline: 08-831 88 88

42. Switzerland

- Resource: Netzwerk Essstörungen Schweiz

- Website:

- Helpline: 0848 891 890

43. Ukraine

- Resource: The Zaporizhia regional center of mental health for children and adolescents

- Website:

44. United Kingdom

- Resource: Beat Eating Disorders

- Website:

- Helpline: 0808 801 0677

45. Vatican City

- Resource: No specific resource available. Please refer to neighboring countries' resources.

Please note that while efforts have been made to provide real and accurate resources, the availability of certain resources may vary or change over time. If you or someone you know is in need of support for eating disorders or body image concerns, please consider reaching out to these organizations or seeking help from local mental health services in your country.


No matter where you are in Europe, know that support and help are available for eating disorders. The journey towards healing and recovery may seem challenging, but you are not alone. These eating disorder resources in each European country are here to provide guidance, understanding, and compassion to individuals and families impacted by eating disorders. Reach out to them if you or someone you know needs support on the path to wellness.

Remember, seeking help is a brave and essential step towards a healthier and happier life. At, we are committed to promoting mental well-being and supporting those facing eating disorders. You are worthy of help, healing, and hope.

Together, let us build a community where everyone can find the support they need to overcome eating disorders and embrace a brighter future.

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